Holy Sai International School is an International General Certificate of Secondary education (IGCSE) School and has a strong academic tradition. This internationally acclaimed programme is recognized globally by universities as a benchmark of quality in education.

The very nature of our School gives every student the optimal environment to succeed academically.

A small class size of 30 students ensures every Holy Sai Kids to blossom through a holistic, challenging, attention and above all enjoyable learning process.

The underlying philosophy of the IGCSE is closely aligned to our own, and thus we are uniquely positioned to offer each student an education of outstanding quality enhanced by our commitment to instilling a lifelong love of learning.


The school follows an integrated syllabus of IGCSE to meet the global standards.

Kindergarten children enjoy a homely atmosphere. There is no forced education and they enjoy through the play way method.

The primary education at HSI enables the child to live a full life as a child and to realize his or her potential as a unique individual, to develop as a social being through living and co-operating with others and so contribute to the good of society and to prepare the child for further education and lifelong learning.

In the ensuing years of high school education the student’s intellectual, aesthetic, physical and cultural growth is strengthened. They are introduced to a foundation course to meet their academical growth. Academic challenges become the focus as the students start preparing for the International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) Examinations. IGCSE is equivalent to Grade 10 GCE AS level is equivalent to Grade 11 GCE A level is equivalent to Grade 12.

Subjects offered for ‘AS’ & ‘A’ levels at HSI

Option – 1






Option – 2





Computer Science

Option – 3




Business Studies


Teaching Methodologies

All lesson plans are digitized using a powerful content tool and a teaching-learning solution using state -of-art platforms. This system carries content into networked classes through a lesson server. Qualified resource persons are engaged in a continuous process of development, creating a huge digital knowledge warehouse for educational content. This helps in meeting the demands of constant change almost instantly enables teachers to bring in the latest information on any subject right in to the classroom.

The team of qualified coordinators and well trained teachers with rich experience ensure that the learning and development of the child is handled with utmost love, compassion and care.

Kindergarten Teaching Methodologies

“As a teacher you may teach a class, but each child should still feel uniquely taught.” Robert John Meehan.

In Kindergarten we believe in student-led demonstration, such as show and tell, or the sharing of an individual’s ideas and thoughts. In our campus children have an opportunity to communicate their new knowledge to everyone around through brainstorming,and it helps them to build their confidence, but it often takes children time to find the correct words to explain their thinking and this is a ecstasy for kids to voice their thoughts without having to worry about right or wrong and at the end they come up with their newly discovered words.We maintain a classroom atmosphere of tenderness and acceptance, because for kids, classrooms are one of the few places where their opinions, ideas and feelings are being heard and cherished.

We provide a classroom environment that is well-decorated, and full of fun, creativity and engaging, to stimulate a child’s mind to explore and encourage them to learn with ease. Tiny tots cannot likely sit all day and learn, so we give them an environment that has positive vibes.

Our teachers contemplate on effectual kindergarten teaching because we know that children develop physically and advance academically, socially and artistically at different levels.Dr. Stuart Brown rightly says that “Nothing lights up a child’s brain like play” and therefore we consent our kids to go for walks around the school campus, and to involve themselves in circuit activities to rejuvenate their Fine and Gross Motor skills. We encourage practice puzzles that help their imagination nurture and flourish, and also to do role plays of stories, which is a great way to make children step out of their comfort zone and expand their interpersonal skills.

We strictly value and believe the saying “Be diligent in believing that what we do in the classroom could possibly echo for a lifetime in the heart of a student” and therefore introduce new topics which encourage children to explore. For example a child exploring the Life Cycle of a butterfly, can express his/her new knowledge in different ways. Kids are then encouraged to act out what they learnt with creative movements, painting the same on a paper, and demonstrating and labeling the stages as an activity or listening to related stories and songs. We provide lots of Practice, Instructions, and Time to learn new skills and concepts. Kids are also exposed to forms of visual exercises that will enthuse the young minds and capture their interest.

Kindergarten kids are motivated to be innovative with lots of Worksheets, homework and hands on activities that are common in kindergarten classrooms and which surprises many parents who are accustomed to a play-based approach to kindergarten. We incorporate audio-visual materials in our classrooms by introducing models, movies, picture cards and real world experiences to enrich classroom learning and to make their learning easy. In simple words we follow the approach “If a child can’t learn the way we teach, maybe we should teach the way they learn,” and this definitely glints their interest and gets them excited and involved.

Field trips are organized to mark their childhood memories and experiences and thereby also promoting experiential learning.

Our Kindergarten Teachers at Holy Sai work together as a team, and their collaborative efforts have shown great results. Teachers work together to come up with interesting teaching strategies every day for their class. At Holy Sai we strive to engrave in the hearts of our kids, everything good they learn and encourage them to practice the same in our society.

Pre-School Teaching Methodology

The kinder garten at HSI adapts the ultimate education system where learning is made interesting and fun filled. The preschool provides a platform for the kids to develop their motor and language skills through activity-based learning. Reading skills are enhanced through specially designed homemade books. The school provides an environment that is congenial for the student to grow.